How Colon Hydrotherapy Can Detox Your Body

If you have never undergone colon hydrotherapy, you are overlooking a valuable natural health tool that will leave you feeling healthier, lighter, and less toxic.

Here at the California Wellness Institute, colon hydrotherapy is an important tool in our arsenal as we offer innovative, patient-focused care to help you reach your wellness goals. Starting with Dr. Eugene Rajaratnam and our expert team, our commitment is to help you optimize your health using the latest research and methods.

One important process to help you improve your health is detoxification, starting with the colon. Keep reading to find out what colon hydrotherapy is, and how we use it to improve your wellness.

What is colon hydrotherapy?

Colon hydrotherapy is a gentle infusion of purified water into the colon. The warm water rinses the colon in order to remove stagnant fecal material from the colon walls. No chemicals or drugs are used in the process, and patients feel very little or nothing at all during the procedure. The treatment also removes mucous, gas, parasites, and cellular debris from your colon.

How does it detox your body?

The rinsing action of colon hydrotherapy removes encrusted fecal matter from the folds of the colon. The goal is to prevent bacterial toxins from building up in order to reduce the load on your vital organs. Because modern diets are filled with refined, processed foods high in fat and sugar and low in natural fiber, waste and toxins from these kinds of food can easily accumulate in the colon.

As this material builds up, it can re-enter the bloodstream and become deposited in our cells. By removing the waste material from the colon with hydrotherapy, you are keeping this re-introduction from occurring by accelerating your body’s detoxification process.

The gentle flow of water in and out of the colon will slowly dissolve this toxic material without putting additional stress on your system. You should notice a difference in how you feel after the first treatment, and then you and Dr. Rajaratnam can discuss your options for future treatments - there is no standard recommended number of treatments because every person’s health and situation are different.

What are the benefits?

Patients who have undergone colon hydrotherapy typically report increased energy levels, clearer skin, improved mental clarity, better digestion, and relief from feelings of bloating and heaviness.

Once your colon has been cleansed, you should focus on eating a cleaner diet. Most diet, exercise, and health programs also become remarkably more effective after colon hydrotherapy treatments.

If you are interested in exploring colon hydrotherapy, call the California Wellness Institute at either of our locations in Los Angeles or Palm Desert to set up an initial consultation. Dr. Rajaratnam and our entire team will be thrilled to help you start your journey to optimize your overall health!

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