How HCG Weight Loss Can Benefit You

Lose it to gain a new life.


Your motivation to drop a few pounds might vary — to become healthier, to move better, to prevent disease, to have a better quality of life, or to be there for your kids. And with more than 71% of Americans age 20 and over qualifying as overweight or obese, you’re not alone.


At California Wellness Institute in Los Angeles and Palm Desert, California, we want to help you reach your weight loss goal. Here’s how our HCG medically supervised weight loss program can benefit you.

What is HCG?

HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin, a hormone present at high levels early in pregnancy. The HCG weight loss program uses a combination of this hormone and a highly customized weight loss solution to induce a dramatic decrease in your weight.


Most weight loss programs aren’t successful for a couple of reasons: It’s hard to maintain willpower and discipline when you feel deprived, and most programs are not customized for unique individuals. Your body has its own biochemical and nutritional needs, so if you want to lose weight, you have to take your unique makeup into account.

How does the program work?

When you visit California Wellness Institute to begin this program, Dr. Eugene Rajaratnam will meet with you personally to conduct a comprehensive evaluation. He will talk to you about your diet, your exercise habits, weight loss programs you have tried in the past, and your overall health.


You will also undergo an extensive physical exam, including lab testing and screening for various health problems that could be preventing your weight loss, such as a hormone imbalance or inflammation.


Once Dr. Rajaratnam has all this information, he will work with you to develop a sustainable plan for weight loss and healthy living. This will include a meal plan optimized specifically for your caloric needs with foods you actually enjoy eating, and an exercise plan that helps keep your body running at a caloric deficit so you continue to lose weight.


California Wellness Institute also offers additional services that can help speed your weight loss journey, including IV nutrient therapy, colon hydrotherapy, and organ detox programs.

Getting results

The HCG weight loss program at California Wellness Institute is not a “set it and forget it” curriculum. Once you begin the program, you will have regular appointments with Dr. Rajaratnam and his expert team. They will guide you through your weight loss journey by providing motivation, accountability, and advice for all the obstacles you face.


If you’re tired of all the other weight loss programs and are ready to get serious about results, contact either of the California Wellness Institute locations to set up an initial consultation. You won’t believe the success you’re about to have!

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