Tired of Being Tired? How Chelation Therapy May Help

Exposure to heavy metals happens all the time. Mercury, lead, arsenic, and iron are found all around us. This means it’s much easier to develop heavy metal toxicity than you might think. One of the biggest signs of heavy metal toxicity is chronic fatigue.

At California Wellness Institute in Rancho Mirage and Los Angeles, California, Dr. Eugene Rajaratnam offers chelation therapy for organ detoxification. This helps clear heavy metals from your system by providing solutions known as chelators to which the metals can bond. You can then flush the metals naturally through urination and start feeling more like yourself. 

Understanding the risks of heavy metals

If heavy metals begin to build up in your body, they can cause mineral imbalances that can lead to organ malfunction. Heavy metal toxicity can put you at increased risk for kidney damage, heart damage, brain damage, and structural bone weakness.

Talk to Dr. Rajaratnam if you:

You should also give us a call if you’ve been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, neurological disorder, or chronic fatigue syndrome.

Chelation therapy benefits

Chelation therapy works to remove heavy metals from your blood. Dr. Rajaratnam may prescribe oral medications or administer chelators intravenously. Chelators work by attaching themselves to the metals in your blood and organs. Once the heavy metals are bonded, your system can flush them out of the body in your urine. 

Benefits of chelation therapy include:

Receiving chelation therapy 

If Dr. Rajaratnam prescribes oral chelating agents, you’ll have a strict regimen to follow to complete your treatment. If you need IV therapy chelation, you can receive that in the comfort of our office. Most patients say they can read or nap comfortably through IV chelation. The only typical side effect is a little redness or swelling accompanied by mild heat at the IV site, which subsides quickly.  

When your treatment is complete, you can resume regular activities immediately. As the chelators work to remove the heavy metals from your system, you may notice increased urination, but this is normal. Most people say they have increased energy and that their mind is clearer after chelation treatment.

For more information on chelation therapy and how it can help you feel less tired, visit California Wellness Institute online or call your closest location to schedule an appointment.

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