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Did you know that having a clean, functioning colon can be essential to your overall health? The team at California Wellness Institute in Brentwood and Palm Desert, California, led by Eugene Rajaratnam, MD, FACS, and Carol Christian, offer colon hydrotherapy, which is a natural cleaning process to purify your system from waste and toxins that can cause sickness, disease, and other harmful symptoms. To learn more about this treatment, and to see if it’s right for you, call the practice today to schedule an appointment, or use the convenient online booking tool.

Colon Hydrotherapy Q & A


It is important to understand the following about the healing process.  “The body is the only one that can create the healing environment for itself.”  That is to say, the body is the only entity that can heal itself. Nothing else can make the claim; no object, no therapy, or no drug.

When you come to this planet, you are given a body and caring for this body carries a bigger responsibility that you can imagine.  Not only will you be judged on how well you cared for it, but your state of personal and well being depends on it. You can go through life sick or well, the choice is yours.  If you take good care of your body, you’ll go through life healthy. If you don’t, your body and your life will be filled with sickness and disease.

Your body has been programmed to automatically care for itself without your help.  But, nevertheless, it still needs your assistance. The biggest problem is that you are not user friendly.  In other words, you do not know the proper and correct methods of taking care of your body and, at the same time, how to maintain its programmed loving relationship.  One of your tasks and responsibilities is to learn how to care for your body.

But don’t worry, if you initially make mistakes that harm it, it’s okay.  Your body has been programmed to unconditionally love and forgive you. But remember this, as soon as you realize your mistakes, correct them.  If you don’t, your body will become sick. As you learn to be more user friendly keep this in mind; the true end results or goal between you and your body is to be in complete balance with each other.  This complete relationship of balance is called by many different names. Some call it “harmony,” while others call it “at oneness.” It is called “holiness.” And I have even heard it called, “rapport” and “at peace with yourself,” but whatever the name, the end result is health and happiness.

Of all the things in this life time you are or will be responsible for, your body carries the greatest value.  Nothing else carries the weight of its responsibility. For those who say: “I just don’t have the time.” Allow me to suggest this – if you are too busy to take care of yourself, you are the least important aspect of your life.  In the eyes of God, taking care of your body comes first. Now, let’s discuss colon hydrotherapy.

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