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By the age of 60, around half of American men have an enlarged prostate, and in general, one out of every nine men develop prostate cancer at some point. At California Wellness Institute, in Los Angeles and Rancho Mirage, California, Eugene C. Rajaratnam, MD, a board-certified urologist, uses high-intensity frequency ultrasound (HIFU) to remove prostate tissue safely. If you have an enlarged prostate, call California Wellness Institute or schedule a consultation online today to find out if HIFU is right for you.

HIFU (High Intensity Frequency Ultrasound) Q & A

What is HIFU (high-intensity frequency ultrasound)?

HIFU is an innovative, FDA-approved treatment to remove prostate tissue. Unlike other treatments for enlarged prostates, high-intensity frequency ultrasound is noninvasive, which means Dr. Rajaratnam doesn't need to cut into your body. It uses intense, high-frequency soundwaves to create heat energy that destroys your excess prostate tissue. Your body then absorbs the damaged cells and removes them with other waste products. 

What conditions benefit from HIFU?

Dr. Rajaratnam uses HIFU at the California Wellness Institute to treat enlarged prostates and prostate cancer that hasn't spread beyond the prostate. Additionally, HIFU may boost collagen production when used as an aesthetic treatment to reverse signs of aging. It may reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and loose or crepey skin on your face or neck. 

What happens during HIFU treatment?

Dr. Rajaratnam provides a consultation to determine if high-intensity frequency ultrasound is right for you. During the exam, he gives you instructions on how to prepare for your HIFU procedure. For example, you may need to avoid eating after midnight on the night before your treatment.

HIFU takes a few hours from start to finish. In most cases, you arrive at the California Wellness Institute between 6-7 am. A member of the team prepares you for the procedure and may give you general anesthesia or an epidural with IV sedation. They also place a catheter to help with urination during HIFU treatment. 

Dr. Rajaratnam uses the HIFU device and an MRI to direct the intense, high-frequency soundwaves through the wall of your rectum into your prostate. The ablation part of the procedure only lasts up to four hours, depending on the size of your prostate. 

Then, after you spend an hour or two in recovery, you can go home. You should take it easy for a couple of days, but can walk around and even go out for a celebratory dinner in the evening after your procedure. 

What are the benefits of HIFU treatment?

HIFU provides a wide variety of benefits, including:

  • Minimally invasive
  • Relatively quick procedure
  • No overnight hospital stay
  • Rapid recovery
  • Reduced risk of incontinence
  • Reduced risk of erectile dysfunction
  • Preservation of healthy prostate tissue

If you want to know more about HIFU (high-intensity frequency ultrasound), call California Wellness Institute or make an appointment online today.